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Industrial and Building Environment

Rescue, evacuation, and first aid

Having an active and preventive occupational health and crisis preparedness plan is a legal requirement, which entails regularly reviewing the equipment needed in the event of an accident or crisis situation in the workplace.

Industrial safety

A simple definition of industrial safety is the preparedness required at a workplace before public emergency services assist at an accident site. Industrial safety is regulated by law in most large and medium-sized enterprises, while the company's own risk assessment of relevant events determines the dimensioning and equipment needs.

Ferno Norden provides first aid equipment, evacuation equipment, and stretcher materials used worldwide by our customers in the construction industry, factory environments, mining industry, oil and energy sector, chemical industry, and waste management industry, to name a few.

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Rescue stretchers

Rescue stretchers and equipment are crucial for safety and handling accidents in industrial environments. There has been significant development in this field, allowing us to offer rescue stretchers and evacuation equipment with improved features, materials, qualities, and for various purposes. Ferno Norden offers a comprehensive range of stretchers, along with accessories such as fastening and lifting straps and storage solutions, to meet diverse needs.

Our focus on quality and functionality makes us a reliable supplier for professional users in construction, mining, oil drilling, and chemical industries. Whether it's rescue stretchers for vertical or horizontal lifts, or stretchers for confined spaces, we have the solutions to ensure safe and efficient handling of emergencies.

Rescue stretchers

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First aid

First aid at the scene of an accident is crucial, and we emphasize delivering well-thought-out first aid kits to various businesses, with the goal of quickly reaching the patient with the right equipment. Many associate first aid with a simple first aid kit, but it is much more than that. Serious situations have shown that the initial intervention from those closest can be directly life-saving, from CPR to life-threatening bleeding or burns.

We offer practical and well-thought-out first aid kits for various businesses, so that the equipment can be easily taken to the accident site. Those of us working at Ferno Norden AB are trained in healthcare with extensive experience, including ambulance services. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

First aid products

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Advanced rescue

In industry, in various construction environments, or when working with utilities such as water and sewage, work often takes place in particularly vulnerable environments. This includes confined spaces or work at height. What defines a confined space? The old and now replaced AFS 1993:3 Work in confined spaces described the environment simply. "Confined space means a space where, due to inadequate ventilation, a hazardous atmosphere can form and where it is difficult to enter and exit."

There are clear laws and regulations that require workplace design, ventilation, risk assessments, and equipment, among other things. Part of this work is to have a plan for rescue and evacuation in case of acute injuries or illness among the personnel. It is important to have a developed plan and equipment in place that can handle the task. The choice of equipment is determined by the conditions in the environment.

Advanced rescue products

Equipment for a safe work environment

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