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Evacuation cot Ferno Pinnacle Titan split.

The world's lightest rescue stretcher for confined spaces.
The material in titanium makes it very light and the possibility to divide it offers greater opportunities for transport and use in confined environments.
The slim design with a width of 49.5 cm allows the stretcher to be used for rescue operations in confined spaces, even in manholes of normal standard.

The unique Loc-Safe feature allows for a very solid connection between both parts of the stretcher, without the use of pins or tubes sliding into each other. It also enables quick and visual inspection to ensure that the connections are secure during a rescue mission.
The simple system allows the stretcher to be mounted or split in approx. 15 seconds.

The dense Polyethylene mesh allows water and air to pass easily which facilitates many rescue missions.

Strong TIG welded frame construction provides a safe and reliable rescue stretcher despite its low weight.

The four patented StratLoad ™ features are excellent for vertical lifting.


• Extremely light weight

• The life raft has a TIG-welded frame construction in Titan

Comes with four belts

Tested to and above a static load test threshold of 408 kg (4kN)

• Patented StratLoad ™ function as standard

• Patented LocSafe is a unique function that provides a completely solid connection between the stretcher's two parts without pins or pipes sliding into each other. The LocSafe function enables quick and easy visual control to ensure that the connections are secure throughout the mission. A small button prevents the pairing from being disconnected during the rescue process. This connection system allows the stretcher to be mounted or dismounted in about 15 seconds

25.4 mm top tube

• Durable High Density Polyethylene Mesh (HDPE)

• Highly durable back plate in UHMW-PE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)

• Recangular model

• Traverse lifeboats have an expected life cycle of 10 years

Product information

  • Art. Nr TR114001
  • Load Capacity 4 kN/408 kg
  • Weight 7,5 kg
  • Height 18,4 cm
  • Length 209,5 cm
  • Width 49,5 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 11-4001

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