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Rescue Stretchers

The rescue stretcher is used to safely transport injured patients from the accident site to a location better suited for further treatment. The location of the accident can vary greatly, thus requiring different transportation routes to a new treatment site. Therefore, different types of rescue stretchers have been developed for various environments. Some evacuation stretchers like the Minitranz are specially designed for transportation in confined spaces with poor accessibility. The Tirol Kit for Titan Complet is developed to provide good mobility in forests and open countryside and is an important tool for rescue personnel operating in wilderness and outdoor activities. Our "mod 71" is perhaps our most popular stretcher and functions well as an all-around stretcher with good patient protection during transport. It's also a natural choice for personnel involved in industrial emergency response. Ferno Norden also offers rescue stretchers with lifting straps specially designed to extract individuals from confined spaces or tight spots, as well as stretchers for vertical and horizontal evacuation. Explore the wide range of rescue stretchers.

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Rescue stretcher Ferno XTRIC8

The Ferno FWE-XTRIC8 is a rescue stretcher designed to safely pack and move patients from confine...
TR110127 A jpg

Traverse Rescue Spartan SS Rescue Litter, 2 pcs. RED

Spartan is our new divisible life raft in plastic construction and steel that has our patented Lo...
TR110127 TI jpg

Traverse Rescue Spartan Titan, 2 pcs. RED

Spartan is our new divisible life raft in plastic construction and titanium that has our patented...
TR114001 jpg

Evacuation cot Ferno Pinnacle Titan split.

The world's lightest rescue stretcher for confined spaces.The material in titanium makes it...
TR110119 SL jpg

Titan-Ti Two-piece Tapered with StratLoad™

Traverse Titan Redningsbåre er den letteste og sikreste redningsbåren på markedet. Produsert i Ti...

Rescue Stretcher, Ferno Life Saver

Modern version of the traditional Neil Robertson stretcher, the LifeSaver provides patient immobi...
TR110105 jpg

Gazelle Regular, Stretcher

The Gazelle Regular Basket Stretcher is an all-carbon-steel, MIG welded frame construction. It re...
TR110125 A jpg

Traverse Advantage Basket Stretcher

The Advantage is an improved redesign from any other plastic style basket stretcher available tod...
TR110104 A jpg

Ferno Titan Tapered SS

The Titan Split Tapered Basket Stretcher is an all-stainless, TIG-welded frame construction baske...
TR110100 A jpg

Traverse Titan Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher (Tapered)

The Titan Tapered Basket Stretcher is an all-stainless, TIG-welded frame construction basket stre...
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Paraguard Excel NATO Rescue stretcher

Paraguard ™ has been the official NATO rescue stretcher since WWII, and it is used extensively in...
F071 S 2 jpg

Resue Stretcher foldable

Constructed of a high-density polyethylene shell supported by a permanently attached, heavy-duty,...
F071 jpg

Rescue Stretcher Mod 71

The Model 71 Basket Stretcher is durable and easy to handle, making it ideal for you to use in al...
TR110102 A jpg

Ferno Titan Wide Basket Strecher

The Titan32 Basket Stretcher has all of the main features of the Titan Series Stainless Steel bas...
TR190100 jpg

Traverse Rescue Stretcher

The top layer is 1000 Denier Cordura® making a tough but comfortable layer for the patient to lay...
TR110118 SL jpg

Traverse Titan-Ti Basket Stretcher Titanium

Titan Ti Tapered rescue stretcher is made of titanium with the same strong design as other rescue...

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