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Civil and military preparedness

Ferno Norden Military Systems is dedicated and specialized in emergency preparedness and evacuation from the scene of injury to advanced treatment. With solid experience and a wide range of offerings, we provide a comprehensive solution that includes medical consumables, trauma products, medical equipment, IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits), training, and logistical solutions.

This ensures rapid and efficient emergency reinforcement in municipalities or regions, tailored to the specific needs of the military, civil defense, and civilian emergency preparedness.

In situations like disasters and war, where the healthcare system can be disrupted, prehospital needs become critical. Experience from Ukraine suggests that we must prepare for longer treatment times at the scene of injuries and extended evacuation chains (CasEvac and Prolonged Fieldcare). Changes in the global situation require increased resilience and preparations to meet the demands of higher readiness.

Ferno Norden Military Systems is one of the leading providers of military and civilian prehospital emergency solutions in the Nordic region. We continue to develop innovative solutions that address the challenges in an ever-changing world. Our dedication to staying ahead of developments ensures that society can handle future challenges with confidence and efficiency.

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Military preparedness

Military readiness focuses specifically on advanced prehospital equipment. The range is carefully tailored in terms of weight, flexibility, applications, and adaptations based on experiences from war zones.

We specialize in Tactical Field Care (TFC), Tactical Evacuation (CasEvac), and medical evacuation over long distances by boat, aircraft, or vehicle (MedEvac). We also provide all necessary equipment for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

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Civil preparedness

Civil preparedness and civil defense involve crisis preparedness and civil defense in municipalities and regions, with the main task of civil defense being to protect the civilian population in times of crisis and war.

Ferno's dedication to providing simple and advanced rescue and prehospital products and equipment enables society to handle complex situations and deliver the highest standard of care.

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