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Stop the Bleed (STB)

STB (Stop the Bleed) is a concept aimed at equipping the entire community to provide qualified, life-saving assistance in cases of massive bleeding. The concept revolves around making knowledge of this type of first aid as widespread as knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Today, it's commonplace for many to be able to initiate life-saving CPR because we know that time is a critical factor. Now, we're seeing an increasing awareness worldwide that we need to enhance knowledge and access to equipment for severe bleeding incidents. Anyone near an emergency situation can provide life-saving assistance before professional rescuers arrive.

Ferno Norden has many years of experience serving professional users and has curated a range of relevant products characterized by high quality and deliberate functionality. The foundation for bleeding control is to have proper training and tailored products based on the activity and level.

STB practice products

STB bandage and tourniquet

STB medical bags

STB accessories

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Chest Seal Vented single NORSE RESCUE®

The NORSE RESCUE® Chest Seal is an advanced occlusive dressing designed to treat open chest wounds. Penetrating injuries to the chest that r...
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Nasopharyngeal Airway/ Nästub 28F/9,3mm NORSE RESCUE®

Soft Non-Latex sterile, mediprene material with soft elastic finish Sterile. Adjustable flange for a better fit and increased patient comfort. Nose...
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Dekompressionsnål TPAK 1,6mm

Decompression needle for acute treatment of injured people who show symptoms of increased pressure in the alveoli as in hypertensive pneumothorax. ...
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Guedal Airway Size 4

This range of sterile Guedel Airways is an essential addition to any accident and emergency kit. The airways are available in seven sizes and are c...
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Gloves, Nitrile, size L, dispenser with 100 pcs.

Nitrile Gloves. Box with 100 gloves.Features and Benefits:Soft and durable nitrile formulation for improved elasticity and greater co...
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S-CUT Standard 501 Cutting-tool red

The cutting tool Mini S-CUT is designed for easily to remove textils, cut belts and restraints. S-CUT can be used on injured at emergency situation...
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Arctic Saana Multimover, hypothermia

Arctic Saana multimover is a disposble complete evacuation kit for emergency situations, designed for the Nordic enviroment. Arctic SAANA Mu...
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Go Stretcher NORSE RESCUE®

Go Stretcher is our simplest rescue sheet in half-body format which due to its size can easily be packed in an emergency bag and included to be use...
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Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Fire 250kg

Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Fire 250kg is a practical rescue stretcher that takes up little space.Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Fire 250kg is a 2-in...

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