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Public STB/MASCAL Complete kit

Complete cabinet for public access of stop bleeding equipment. Perfect for shopping malls, sports facilities, schools, hotels and other public environments where you want clear access to medical supplies to stop serious life-threatening bleeding.

The cabinet is complete with 8 prepackaged kits for easy distribution to the first person on site who can make a contribution. The medical kit is clearly attached to a "roll out" bag that can be carried in one hand and then quickly rolled out with all 8 kits available.

The cabinet is equipped with a light and sound alarm so that you are quickly alerted if the cabinet has been opened.

The cabinet can also be ordered empty and packed according to your wishes. Contact us for advice.


Each kit contains:

  • 1- C-A-T Tourniquet
  • 1- Trauma bandage
  • 2- Compressed gauze
  • 2- Nitrile disposable gloves
  • 1- Universal Scissors
  • 1- Foil felt
  • 1- Strong tape


  • Alarm with light and sound
  • 8 complete kits to stop severe bleeding
  • Smart «Roll out» storage

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5020236
  • Color White
  • Weight 9,9 Kg (5,7 Kg cabinet only)
  • Depth 25 cm
  • Height 45 cm
  • Width 36 cm
  • Supplier Item Number UN-PABCK

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