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Public space

Ferno Norden specializes in issues related to safety, mobility, evacuation, and healthcare equipment. Our equipment is used daily in operations with high demands, such as in ambulance services, emergency services, police, and the military. With increased requirements for accessibility for people with disabilities in public buildings, the demands for everyone to be able to evacuate from buildings or premises are also increasing.

Regardless of the solution suitable for a specific public environment, Ferno Norden is expert in providing advice and assistance to ensure the possibility of a safe evacuation for everyone.

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It's common for public buildings and facilities, including libraries, terminals, offices, shopping centers, hotels, and other public places, to have deficiencies in their evacuation plans and equipment for people with disabilities. Therefore, Ferno Norden sees an increased demand for its evacuation products from these types of public environments.

It is a legal requirement for public buildings and premises to have systematic fire protection work and fire action plans with evacuation instructions and assembly points. However, these plans are often prepared with the assumption that people can evacuate the building on their own. When it comes to evacuation in public environments, it's important to have equipment that is adapted to local conditions. This can range from an evacuation chair to a stair chair or an evacuation mattress.

Evacuation products for public spaces

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First Aid for Public Environments

In public environments where many different people can gather, there is always a risk of unexpected accidents. First aid equipment should be readily accessible and in place in public settings such as reception areas in buildings, libraries, terminals, offices, shopping centers, hotels, and other public places.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen elsewhere in or outside the building, making it necessary for the first aid equipment to be easily portable to the scene of the accident. If someone is injured in a public setting, it goes without saying that the first aid kit or backpack should be taken to the injured person immediately.

First aid products for public spaces

PLIVO, Prehospital Hemorrhage and Severe Bleeding, is a term that more and more people are becoming familiar with today. To be able to act in an emergency situation regardless of the cause, you must be prepared! In Norway, training in how to stop severe bleeding simultaneously with CPR training is provided in many places today. One way to be prepared is to have a ready-made kit to stop severe bleeding at the workplace or in the car. The one who is present when something happens is the one who can make a difference!

At Ferno Norden, we can customize a kit specifically for your business, which can include products such as a defibrillator (AED), tourniquets, pressure bandages, and much more tailored to your company's needs. We offer both ready-made and customized solutions with quality products for first aid in public environments.

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