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Rescue in Extreme Environments

It's challenging to describe rescue equipment for rescue missions in general terms as it can range from water rescue, mountain rescue, high-altitude rescue, rescue in inaccessible terrain, and in, for example, confined spaces.

Based on the mission, the choice and need for equipment can vary significantly, including handling severely hypothermic patients.

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Forest, Land, and Mountain Rescue

Rescue work in inaccessible environments such as forest, land, and mountain rescue etc. poses different requirements for the equipment. Sometimes the equipment needs to be transported by hand, and injured individuals must be rescued in steep surroundings.

Ferno also manufactures its own products specifically designed for use in rugged terrain environments. This includes everything from wheels for rescue stretchers to using materials like titanium to move equipment over longer distances.

Products for inaccessible environments

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Water Rescue and Maritime Environments

Water rescue and rescue operations in water and inaccessible environments demand high standards for personnel and equipment. Ferno Norden is a global player with products specially designed for rescue operations in water environments, including evacuation equipment, rescue stretchers, and flotation devices, among others.

A rescue mission in a water environment can vary greatly, and the choice of equipment depends on the injury situation.

Products for water rescue

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Rescue in Confined Spaces, Shafts, and Pits

In industrial settings, various construction environments, or when working with utilities such as water and sewage, work often takes place in particularly hazardous environments, including confined or tight spaces or at heights. There are clear laws and regulations that require workplace design, ventilation, risk assessments, and equipment, among other things.

Part of this work involves having a plan for rescue and evacuation in the event of acute injuries or illness among personnel. It is important to have a prepared plan and equipment in place to handle the task. The choice of equipment is determined by the conditions in the environment.

Products for rescue in confined spaces

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Tripod Quapod Bridge System

Rescue missions often involve lifting a person in distress from wells, cliffs, over quaysides, and similar situations. This type of advanced rescue requires the use of a tripod, quapod, or larger systems such as the Arachnipod Bridge.

All our products in this area are carefully designed for quick adaptation to various rescue missions and are engineered to function effectively in professional rescue operations. See below for our products designed for this purpose.

Tripod Quapod Bridgesystem products


Missions in advanced environments often involve rescuing wet and severely chilled patients who may have a long transport distance. This places high demands on effective hypothermia products. Ferno Norden offers a wide range of products and solutions to address factors such as wind, low temperatures, snow, and precipitation.

Mild hypothermia

The core temperature is 32-35 degrees Celsius. You feel cold with increased heart and respiratory rates. You may experience shivering, increased respiratory rate, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. You become apathetic and have trouble making wise decisions. In this situation, passive heating, warm drinks, and nutrition are usually sufficient.

Moderate hypothermia

The core temperature is 28-32 degrees Celsius. Breathing becomes shallow. The heart rate slows down, the cold freezes the body, and the person approaches unconsciousness. The situation is serious, and medical treatment is urgently necessary. In this situation, part of the treatment involves applying external heat.

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