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Bariatric/Overweight Patients

Through close collaboration with customers over several decades, Ferno Norden has seen that the handling and transfer of overweight/bariatric patients have received increasing focus. 

Therefore, we can offer a wide range of products specially designed to ensure safe and ergonomic transfer of these patients.

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As important as ensuring that the aids provide safety and comfort for the patient is considering ergonomics and the work environment for those who will be using them. Therefore, we continuously work purposefully to expand and strengthen our range of good and intuitive solutions.

Having equipment that is user-friendly and easily accessible makes it easier to achieve the goal of ergonomics, even when every minute counts.

Stretchers and stair chairs

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Ferno VLS (Viper Loading System) is an ergonomic loading and unloading system and stretcher lock for Ferno VIPER ambulance stretcher. Ferno VLS is ...
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Ambulance stretcher, Ferno PowerX, electric

PowerX is our best solution in what we call "X-Frame" or X-frame which is a powerful stretcher system with up to 400 kilos load capacity! PowerX is...
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Transcend™ Stair Chair with PowerTraxx®250kg

Transcend ™ PowerTraxx® gives operators and patients maximum safety as well as power when transporting up or down stairs. Transcend ™ PowerTraxx el...
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Carry chair, Ferno Fast Chair, detachable power

FAST is the most flexible series of stair chairs for simple and ergonomic patient handling. The FAST system is a new and flexible chair solution, b...
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Ferno Titan Wide Basket Strecher

The Titan32 Basket Stretcher has all of the main features of the Titan Series Stainless Steel basket stretchers, but is made specifically to deal w...
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Wheel kit for Titan 32 - new version

The wheel kit for our basket stretcher TR110102A facilitates transport over longer distances. With a few simple steps, the kit is attached to the f...
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Ferno Surface Extender Split-Kit Scoop® EXL

The Ferno Surface Extender Split-Kit Scoop® EXL allows a Scoop® EXL to be attached to a Ferno POWERX, iNX or Mondial ambulance stretcher. The Ferno...
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Evacuation mattress, mini stretcher, Germa Minitranz, black

To make usage as easy as possible, back of the Mini Trans mattress is made of friction reducing material to slice easy behind or under the patient....
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Easier Patient Transfer

Our equipment is tailored to meet the demands of transferring heavy patients in various situations and environments. Our range includes mattresses, slide sheets, glide boards, and various stretcher solutions. The mattresses and transfer sheets are specially treated to optimize sliding function, making it easier to move patients along the floor or down stairs without the need for lifting. The products also take into account limited workspace.

Our solutions for transferring and moving bariatric patients are developed with a focus on safety and ergonomics. The Ferno XL glide board is suitable for larger patients, while the Minitranz transfer stretcher with slide material on the underside is ideal for tight spaces.

Ergonomic Aids

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Heavy Duty transfer mattres 380 kg

Ferno Transfer Mattress Heavy Duty contents a PVC fabric material welded with 6 carry handles on each long side plus evacuation side handles on hea...
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Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Bariatrisk 385kg

Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Baritric 385kg is a practical rescue stretcher that takes up little space.This is an excellent life raft that handl...

Belt for transfer, Ferno Walk Belt

The Ferno Walk Belt has been purpose designed for paramedics and emergency healthcare professionals to assist patients while walking.The Fer...
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Suit bariatric patient

This three-piece training suit allows you to easily practice patient management of bariatric patients. Since you yourself can be a "patient", you w...
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Transfer Board, 114 cm, Ferno

Use the Ferno® Transfer Board to transfer a patient between adjoining surfaces, such as a bed and a transport cot, or a transport cot and a table....
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Ferno Easy Handle 4-kit

Ferno Easy Handle, the simple solution that makes the big difference.Easy Handle is an ergonomic aid intended for use when lifting off...
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Step by Step Black NEW

Step by Step is quick and easy to apply to the mattress and includes a restraint system for the patient to be secured on the mattress. This ...
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Easy Lift, Black

Easy Lift Shoulder is a newly developed tool that relieves the hands and arms when lifting or carrying a stretcher. Easy Lift is easy to use and ha...
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Heavy Duty Transfer sheet 380 kg

Ferno Carry Sheet Heavy Duty contents a PVC fabric material welded with 20 carry handles on all sides of the sheet.This equipment is designe...
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EVACuation bariatric

Evacuation sheets save time and lives in an emergency!In an emergency where evacuation is necessary, we know that the people lying in bed wi...
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Airlift ELK with Pump

AIRLIFT ELK is a lifting cushion designed to lift patients from the floor for transfer to a chair or stretcher. The lifting cushion is inflated wit...
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Airlift EAGLE with pump

AIRLIFT EAGLE is a lifting cushion designed to lift patients from the floor for transfer to a chair or stretcher. AIRLIFT EAGLE has a unique suppor...
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Movement Restriction

Ferno Norden offers advanced systems for movement restriction of larger patients. The EasyFix Plus vacuum mattress provides easy movement restriction and enables gentle patient transfer in various conditions such as trauma, unconsciousness, and fractures.

By adding the "Step by Step" staircase set, heavy patients can be moved without unnecessary lifting, even on stairs. The Extender kit for the "Scoop EXL" allows for extending the Scoop stretcher to meet the requirements for proper handling during movement restriction, also for this patient group.

Movement Restriction products

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