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Airlift ELK with Pump

AIRLIFT ELK is a lifting cushion designed to lift patients from the floor for transfer to a chair or stretcher. The lifting cushion is inflated with a compressor and a simple hand control. AIRLIFT ELK is easy to use, requires very little training and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Can be used by only one carer

Easy to maintain, simply clean with a non-abrasive mild liquid cleaner/disinfectant. The material is designed for exceptionally high demands with extraordinary durability, strength and performance in the toughest environments. Lifts patients weighing up to 450kg from the floor with just one push of a button.

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• Ergonomic and safe lifts from floor to stretcher/chair

• Easy to store and carry

• Easy to use

• Can be used with Scoop stretcher and similar for lying patients

• Stable and durable material for prehospital environment.

• Can handle up to 8 lifts per charge

• 12v vehicle charger as an option

• Support bars as an option

• Practical bag as an option

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5005130
  • Certifications CE, MDR
  • Color Grey
  • Load Capacity 450 kg
  • Weight 3,6 kg
  • Height 56 cm
  • Length 50 cm
  • Width 57 cm
  • Supplier Item Number MPCA070400

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