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Prehospital bags

Emergency units refer to bags, cases, emergency bags, backpacks, mini-bags, trauma bags, first aid kits, first aid bags, intubation bags, hip bags, and equipment for storing and transporting emergency medical supplies. These bags are suitable for use in ambulances, emergency response vehicles, as well as in cabins, workplaces, businesses, cars, sports clubs, swimming pools, tour buses, or with security personnel at shopping centers. There are large and small, empty and pre-packed emergency units available. A wide range of accessories such as dividers, inner walls, partitions, shoulder straps, walls for dressing, syringes, tips, needles that fit into emergency units are also available.

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VT234 H jpg

Førstehjelpsveske ALS L Hygiene rød

Emergency bag in hygiene material. The bag holds both a small oxygen bottle and the medical equip...
VT235 jpg

Førstehjelpsveske ALS L Roller rød

Emergency care bag that is really big to handle all scenarios. The bag can be used as a backpack,...
VT236 H jpg

Førstehjelpsveske ALS ryggsekk Hygiene rød

Emergency backpack in hygiene material for advanced healthcare (ALS). The emergency backpack has ...
VT231 jpg

Military Medic backpack – Molle system

Made for military and tactical use they feature tough and durable materials and features that mak...
VT232 jpg

Førstehjelpveske ALS L kombi Molle rød

It houses both the oxygen bottle and all the medical supplies necessary for the care of criticall...
VT233 jpg

Førstehjelpsveske ALS M kombi rød

The bag holds both a small oxygen bottle and the medical equipment needed for emergency care. 4 L...
VT30601 R jpg

Emergency bag First Aid M8 red

First Aid bag M8 is a first aid kit designed for cars, boats, school classes, mobile workplaces....
VT30602 R jpg

Emergency Bag First Aid M6 red

First Aid bag M6 is a first aid kit designed for cars, boats, school classes, mobile workplaces....
TT100 FF jpg

Medical bag hygiene backpack Thomas black

TT100FF is made of a liquid-repellent material for best hygiene and can be easily dried by TT100F...
SWR815386 jpg

Liten sjukvårdsväska tom

HAD5122 SHIP jpg

Standard Oksygenbag Shipping uten regulator

VT230 jpg

Sjukvårdsväska Molle tillbehör röd

Flexible accessory bag with Molle system for easy adjustment and individualsolutions. Red ...
TT3 S5 jpg

Ampoule holder, Short nr 5

Practical ampoule holder in fabric for medicines...
TT3 S2 jpg

Ampoule holder, Short nr 2

Practical ampoule holder in fabric for medicines...
TT894 jpg

Thomas Aeromed Pack, Black

TT894 is the size larger than TT800 in our Thomasserie. Here you have outer pockets that allow yo...
VT211 H jpg

Emergency bag, compact, water repellent, Red

A compact and well-thought-out healthcare bag suitable for workplaces and industries as well as c...
VT228 jpg

Medical bag, Medicinal, Big, Red

Our large ampoule bag / medicine bag for you who want a little more medicine or want more space....
VT227 jpg

Medical bag, Backpack, Tactical, Red

Robust and tactical backpack for rescue that is both comfortable to carry and gives the contents ...
VT226 jpg

Health bag, Hygiene, Home care, Blue

Home care bag with plenty of space for equipment. Light weight and compact design make it suitabl...
VT225 jpg

Health bag, Kombi bag, Home health care, Black

Home care bag in flexible design. Good and easy to carry with adaptable inside. Professional heal...

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