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Small Bags and Accessory Bags

Small bags and accessory bags as emergency units are practical in many different situations and fit well in vehicles, homes, or cabins. These are frequently used by volunteer organizations such as the Norwegian People's Aid, the Scouts, and the Red Cross as they are easy to carry into the woods and wilderness or on trips. Although they are small, they contain a lot of essential emergency medical equipment needed for first aid and acute situations. Small emergency units are also good to have in the office or business for minor and major injuries in everyday life. Several small bags and accessory bags are specially designed to be used as hip bags for trauma. We also provide pre-packed small bags and accessory bags.

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VT30601 R jpg

Emergency bag First Aid M8 red

First Aid bag M8 is a first aid kit designed for cars, boats, school classes, mobile workplaces....
VT30602 R jpg

Emergency Bag First Aid M6 red

First Aid bag M6 is a first aid kit designed for cars, boats, school classes, mobile workplaces....
SWR815386 jpg

Liten sjukvårdsväska tom

VT230 jpg

Sjukvårdsväska Molle tillbehör röd

Flexible accessory bag with Molle system for easy adjustment and individualsolutions. Red ...
TT850 jpg

Shoulder Straps for Thomas EMS Aeromed

Shoulderstraps to Thomas EMS Aeromed bag...
TT510 jpg

IV Bag, Clear, Thomas EMS

This IV bag has a vinyl front that gives a quick overview of the contents. Easy to carry and perf...
HAD5115 jpg

Intubation kit, blue

HAD5115 is a spacious intubation unit with smart and clear pockets that is part of our series of ...
HAD5116 jpg

Emergency bag, accessories, infusion

Model HAD5116 is a professional mini bag for organizing and bringing equipment for intravenous en...
HAD5117 jpg

Emergency bag, accessories, trauma module, Red

HAD5117 Professional Trauma mini bag organizes the trauma equipment with the help of elastic loop...
TT400 jpg

Intubation Pouch, Thomas EMS

The TT400 is a practical small unit that gathers the intubation equipment in one unit. Here you g...
HAD5125 jpg

Shoulderstrap, black

Shoulderstraps in black for HAD bags...
HAD5130 jpg

Medical bag, accessories, Intubation, Ultra Mini, Blue

A small but effective bag for organizing intubation accessories. Fits as an accessory in all bags...

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