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Care in Nursing Homes

Welcome to Ferno Norden, for the past 40 years we have worked closely with our customers in the Nordic countries on issues related to safety, mobility, evacuation, and medical equipment. There are many different forms of nursing homes, and many people receive the care they need in their own homes today.

We have chosen to gather information on this page around the topic because they have one important thing in common, namely this:

"Caregivers or users are often individuals, old or young, who find themselves in a vulnerable situation and have difficulty acting independently, whether it's everyday movement or acute situations!"

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Today, significant resources are invested in increasing accessibility in society. Alongside that effort, there should also be a plan for how evacuation can be carried out. Many are adept at systematic fire safety work today and have fire action plans with evacuation instructions and assembly points. If you are unable to evacuate on your own, how do you get help to get out? The solution and which products are suitable for your specific business are, of course, influenced by local conditions but also by various regulations and the preventive work environment and crisis management work you have conducted in your business.

We often receive inquiries about everything from evacuation sheets and mattresses to step stools and other aids that facilitate an evacuation situation. Many businesses today operate based on guidelines for overnight stays with fire compartments, but is there a plan B if the rescue operation takes time or if the rescue service is delayed due to simultaneous rescue missions?

Evacuation products

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First Aid

Having access to a well-thought-out first aid kit can be crucial and save lives! In our range, you will find everything from tailored discreet medical bags not to attract attention in society to medical bags you want to be noticed.

Having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) available in your workplace is almost a standard today. We offer good solutions with built-in self-tests, smart storage, and clear labeling. Continuous training in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is important to keep the knowledge alive. Investing in your own CPR training manikins saves both time and money for your business in the long run. We have affordable training manikins with both child and adult functions built into the dummy.

First aid products

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Lifting and handling patients can be challenging for healthcare personnel. We are actively involved in finding solutions that reduce the strain on staff while ensuring the comfort and safety of the patient. We focus on movement rather than lifting, and in home environments, this requires customized equipment and skills.

We emphasize providing gentle and ergonomic solutions for both patients and staff, and our range includes various aids that make a significant difference in caregiving tasks. We have also developed specific products for handling heavier patients to meet the growing demand in this area.

Ergonomics products

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Improving hygiene practices is something most businesses continuously develop methods around. Preventing the spread of infection in various forms is a critical focus issue, especially in working with people who rely on assistance and care. In this effort, various solutions can enhance the way we work. The equipment used should be easy to clean, and in some situations, disposable products are preferred to ensure good hygiene.

Cleaning with a40Medi Ozon is a well-proven method, and we are pleased to present the method in a user-friendly, practical, and safe concept! Ozone provides odor neutralization and disinfection as it kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and mold. The Hygiene cabinet disinfects textiles and tools without the need for dismantling them. Many tools and health accessories are difficult to disinfect as they do not tolerate disinfectants, high temperatures, or washing machines.

Hygiene cabinet

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