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Evacuation Matress kit

EEM is a devolpment from the knowlegde and routins ambulance workers handle an ergonomic, comfortable and safe evacuation of patients. EEM is designed for emergency situations when you need to rapidly evacuate people that are disabled, wounded or other. From building in case of fire or other urgent situations. EEM is designed to be safe, ergonimic, rapid but most of all: Easy to use for non professional people.

EEM has an obvius design and functions that assists when the situation is urgent.

3 easy to understand patientbelts that secure the body, big or small. Well defined straps in both head and foot -end for a flexible evacuation in all enviroments.


  • Easy to use, could be used by one person
  • Integrated straps for fast movement in stairs.
  • Sliding surface on the back
  • Fully welded product that is easy to clean.
  • Certifications: CE
  • Material: PVC coated polyester material (flameproof)

Product information

  • Art. Nr GE24271060001
  • Brand Germa
  • Certifications CE
  • Color Grey/Red
  • Load Capacity 180 Kg
  • Weight 3 Kg
  • Height 3,4 cm
  • Length 190 cm
  • Width 50 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 271060001

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