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Ferno VLS (Viper Loading System) is an ergonomic loading and unloading system and stretcher lock for Ferno VIPER ambulance stretcher. Ferno VLS is an easy-to-handle and flexible system that allows you to load the stretcher from varying angles and heights in less than 20 seconds. VLS will automatically center the stretcher before loading. VLS is one of the lightest systems on the market, which gives a lower total weight in the ambulance. VLS is a stable and ergonomic, mechanical construction with a built-in smart charge for the VIPER stretcher.


Ferno Viper:

• Stepless height adjustment

• Up to 95 cm load height

• 320 kilos load capacity

• Stepless backrest

• Loading and unloading on uneven surfaces

Stepless shock / knee position

• 360 degree turning radius with 4 swivel castors

• Can be shortened to 160 cm for tight spaces

• Automatic charging of the battery with integrated maintenance

• Simple and smooth maintenance where you have all the data in one app.

• Large rubber wheels that facilitate uneven surfaces

Ferno VLS:

• Up to 95 cm load height

• 400 kilos load capacity

• Loading and unloading on uneven surfaces

• Low weight

• Automatic charging of the battery with integrated maintenance

• Quick and easy loading and unloading

Product information

  • Art. Nr F1000
  • Load Capacity 320 kg Viper / 400 kg VLS
  • Weight VIPER 82 KG / VLS 69 KG = 151 KG
  • Height 133 cm (38 cm) Viper
  • Length 200 cm (160 cm) Viper / 200 cm VLS
  • Width 60 cm Viper / 57 cm VLS
  • IP Class IP66

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