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Ferno®XT PRO extrication complete

FERNO® XT fast extrication is a newer product developed to be able to quickly and safely remove patients in tight spaces and at the same time offer movement restriction for the neck and back.

XT PRO is based on the same concept as Ferno XT. The difference is that Pro is developed for both movement limitation of the head / neck / back with the possibility of lifting. Tested according to EN 1498.

Therefore, this is the right product when you in a cramped environment / confined space need to lift someone completely vertically in a safe way. When the attachment point is directly above the head, you can easily lift a person out of manholes and other cramped spaces.

Its design and simplicity mean that it is also used by non-professionals for rescue at workplaces in, for example, industry and construction sites.

Comes complete with loop.


• Low weight.

• Carbon fiber board.

• Cobra buckles in aluminum 7075 (9kN)

• Color-coded belts

• Padded leg straps

• Storage in a practical bag

• Carbine and loop included (22 kN)

• Tested according to EN 1498

• Load capacity 160 kg

Product information

  • Art. Nr F126XTPRO
  • Certifications EN 1498
  • Color Black
  • Load Capacity 160 kg
  • Weight 3,4 kg
  • Height 6 cm
  • Length 83 cm
  • Width 30 cm
  • Supplier Item Number XT PRO

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