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Trauma Bandage 4 NORSE RESCUE®

The NORSE RESCUE Trauma Bandage 4 is a multifunctional hemorrhage control solution. With a wide variety of applications and FDA approval as a non-pneumatic to Tourniquet, the Emergency Bandage has been a dependable hemorrhage control solution for over 20 years.

Designed for treating larger wounds, the NORSE RESCUE Trauma Bandage incorporates a number of innovative features for immediate hemorrhage control in the field, on the street and in the home.


• Easy to use

• Stops life-threatening bleeding

• Multiple functions in the same unit

• Large absorbent compress 9x18cm

Bracket that in combination with pressure stops the blood flow quickly.

• Self-locking without knots, clips or tape.

• Vacuum packed for optimal size in pockets and bags.

• Handle Loop facilitates the application of bandages on yourself - even with one hand.



NATO Stock number: 6510-01-460-0849

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5020203
  • Color Green
  • Weight 60 g
  • Length 190 cm
  • Width 10 cm
  • Supplier Item Number CL-00456

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