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Coolbox for medicines and blood

The tactical portable medicine coolbox and bloodcooler uses a micro refrigeration compressor for optimal power and efficiency. Built in Li-Ion batteries maintain cooling for up to 36 hours in moderate temperatures. Model M12DCeH can operate in temperatures from -20c to +40c. Rechargeable batteries with an operational time of 24-36 hours between each charge.
The rugged CoolBox is a perfect fit for highly mobile operations providing critical blood or medicines supplies. The removeable basket in the cold chamber can hold up to 12 x 250 ml blood bags or equivalent. The unit can be air dropped from an aircraft/helicopter and is easily carried by one person. Can easily be mounted in tactical vehicles. The coolbox is used by U.K forces.
The cooler is a useful tool to support the Blood Far Forward in the field where the aim is to improve battlefield survival by developing a safe method for pre-hospital whole blood transfusions.
Product is available in theese sizes: 2,1L / 7L / 24L / 45L
Nato no: 4110-99-27-4298


Model sizes: 2,1L / 7L / 24L / 45L
Low observable matt black
External display showing temperature and battery state
SD card slot for data recording standard CSV files - Stream VISI software included
Reports can be easily generated using Stream VISI software (Windows/Android)
Carries up to 12 250ml blood bags • Cooling: 7.4 litre capacity
Weight 16.5 kg
100-240v 50/60Hz PSU
Power: 12v, 24v, 28v vehicle or aircraft supply at <10A
CE approved - Designed and developed by Stream Defence in UK

Product information

  • Art. Nr SDM12DCeH
  • Weight 16,5 kg
  • Nato Number 4110-99-27-4298
  • Supplier Item Number M12DCeH

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