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Warning light Pulsar Navstar 10

NavStar is a new warning light that comes with a set of 10 lamps, housed in a durable polymer bag. The carrying case not only holds all the lights together, but also ensures that the warning lights are fully charged when connected to the included 12 / 24V vehicle charger or 240V mains charger.

Each lamp has automatic switching on and off, which makes it possible for rescue service personnel to quickly turn off a risk area in a short time and as safely as possible without having to turn on each lamp.

Each NavStar has a 360-degree lighting zone, which can be seen from over 1 kilometer away. The light and also projects a vertical beam - making them ideal for drone and helicopter operations.


• Automatic on and sequencing

• 3 different color modes

• 6 different flash modes

• Up to 72 hours of operating time

• Bag in Durable polymer

• IP68 rating (light puck)

• 220v and 12v vehicle charger

Product information

  • Color Orange
  • Weight 5 kg
  • Height 150 mm
  • Length 370 mm
  • Width 355 mm
  • Supplier Item Number NSPULSARNAVSTAR-(UK/

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