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IN/X Cot for IN/Line Fastner

iN∫X Ambulance stretcher is probably the world's most advanced electric stretcher while it is easy to handle. No strength is needed for the various steps such as raising / lowering the stretcher or loading and unloading from the ambulance. iN∫X-Ambulance stretcher has been designed based on extensive feedback from the ambulance service, to improve the working environment and safety in the daily ambulance care around the world.

iN∫X-Ambulance stretcher has all the technology in the stretcher, which gives you adaptation possibilities that no other ambulance stretcher can handle. Escalators, wire railings, thresholds and other obstacles can be solved with simple keystrokes. iN∫X Ambulance Stretcher is also a favorite when it comes to special transports such as incubators, IVA patients and bariatric patients. iN∫X Ambulance stretcher has a simple and safe loading / unloading. The flexible locking system that takes up little space in the ambulance and the double safety devices enable easy and safe loading / unloading.

Feel free to watch a shorter presentation here.


• Security and flexibility for all situations.

• Easy adjustment of the loading height regardless of ambulance model.

• Chair position that facilitates the movement of seated patients.

• Thanks to its high capacity (318 kg), it allows the transport of bariatric patients

• Individual control of the stretcher's legs that provides opportunities that no other stretcher can handle.

• Integrated lighting that allows you to both see and be seen in dark conditions.

• Maximum mobility in tight spaces, 360 ° turns & retractable stretcher (151cm).

• Integrated charging system (ICS) that charges the battery in the ambulance.

• Easy one-touch operation: only two buttons for all functions.

• Adjustable side armrests for improved patient comfort.

• Unique design that allows you to overcome obstacles with your thumb and not with your back.

• Meets all safety requirements for ambulance stretchers globally!

• InLine locking system is available in 3 lengths: F8021 / Short, F8022 / Medium, F8023 / Long


EN-1789 / EN-1865

AS / NZS-4535


IEC 60601-1


SAE J3027



Product information

  • Art. Nr F8000
  • Brand Ferno
  • Color Red/Black/White
  • Load Capacity 318 kg
  • Weight 92 kg
  • Height 35,6-124,5 cm
  • Length 159,4-204,5 cm
  • Width 59,7 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 0000INXINLINSX
  • Voltage 36 V

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