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IN/Line Fastener for INX Short

iNLINE padlock for INX is designed to ensure that the work environment is safe and ergonomic. Its unique design handles loading and unloading in a safe way for both patient and operator. The design is well thought out and you get a clean and open surface around the lock that facilitates cleaning. Built-in charging system (ICS®) means that your INX is always ready.

Three lengths available:

F8021 - Small 2184 mm

F8022 - Medium 2424 mm

F8023 - Large 2584 mm


• Low weight

Built-in charging system (ICS®)

• Release the stretcher with the push of a button

• Safe unloading with locking hook

• In-Line design that controls the stretcher correctly even from the side.

• EN1789 & EN1865

• IEC 60601-1

• IP56

Product information

  • Art. Nr F8021
  • Weight 32,7 kg (Small)
  • Height 11,5 cm
  • Length 218,4 / 242,4 / 258,4 cm
  • Width 24 cm
  • Supplier Item Number ILFS86

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