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Ferno drip holder (IV-Pole) allows you to easily place an intravenous drip on the stretcher. Ferno drip holders have a three-step, adjustable design that allows you to place an intravenous drip at a suitable level for each patient. Ferno drip holder (IV-Pole) is mounted directly on the frame on POWER X, iNX & Mondial Monobloc. It is easy to attach and remove and can be moved to either side of the stretcher.


• Safety Lock Device prevents the stretcher from being unintentionally released before the legs fold out.

• Lightweight, durable aluminum and stainless steel construction

• Easy to use with telescopic system

• Easy to attach and detach from the stretcher

• Quick coupling clamps enable quick adjustment of the length

• Double-sided Velcro straps attach the intravenous drip

• Load capacity of 2kg

• Folds up for storage

Product information

  • Art. Nr F8031
  • Load Capacity 2 kg
  • Height 45-96,5 cm
  • Foldable Length 50 cm
  • Supplier Item Number LAIV3SCL

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