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20-20 TruSpeed DC (610 m)

Designed with roots in earlier lasers have set a high standard in the market. Now with a completely new sighting. Molded composite exterior with solid aluminum core. Integrated rubber components. Provides good grip and good protection. Easy to operate. Powered by only 2 pieces. C batteries which holds the handle, and provides approximately 25 hour run time.

The instrument weighs only 1.2 kg. The sight has adjustment of light so that it can be adapted to all situations. The designs allow the use of gloves during measurement. The sight indicates lthe laser beam distention. Operated with visible switches and symbols. Stores 6000 measurements.


Technical information:

Measurement time: 0,33 sec

Measurement distance: 650 metres

Minimum distance: 15 metres

Speed: +/- 320 km/t

Distance accurancy: +/- 15 cm

Laserbeam: 2,5 milliradians¨

Operating voltage: 2 pcs. 1,5V batteries

Eyesecure: LASER class 1

Product information

  • Art. Nr LTI7005800
  • Height 8 cm
  • Length 30 cm
  • Width 8 cm
  • Batteries 2 X 1,5 V C
  • Effect 2 X 1,5 V C
  • Supplier Item Number 7005800

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