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Haztec Amber led message sign with controller

Weatherproof sign design

Large height for increased viewing distance

Available with amber or red LEDs

Large memory stores up to 99 messages.

Controller has backlit LCD display for simple message selection and verification.


The sign is supplied with mounting brackets and is weatherproof, an adjustable control allows the brightness of the message sign to be set at an appropriate level for different conditions.

Simple windows based software is available to allow authorised personnel to create and store custom messages, a range of built in options allows scroll, flash and wipe functions to be easily included.

In addition to standard characters, users can create and use custom bitmap symbols.

Each individual Character or symbol can be up to 110 mm (hight) giving an excellent viewing distance.

Once created, up to 99 different messages can be stored in the separate display controller for recall as required. The display controller includes a backlit LCD display allowing the user to scroll through the library of stored messages and activate the chosen one with a push of a button. Once activated the chosen message is shown on the LED sign and also as a confirmation on the handset.

Product information

  • Art. Nr HT5940699A
  • Brand Haztec
  • Color Amber LED/Black casing with clear lens
  • Depth 42 mm
  • Height 140 mm
  • Width 573 mm
  • Lens Clear lens
  • Supplier Item Number 5-9406-99-A
  • Voltage 12V

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