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M2 Series Surface Mount Amb/Clr 24V

The only patented Linear-LED® lightheads designed to stand-up to the harsh environments and standards of the industry while providing top of the line performance!


Surface mounted via two screws.
Updated design allows for faster and easier installation.
Super-LEDs provide unmatched high intensity warning, low current consumption.
Unique lens shape is completely illuminated with patented Linear-LED designed reflector assembly.
Lens and reflector are a sealed assembly.
Lighthead is designed with mounting screws located outside of the sealed lens/reflector assembly, eliminating water infiltration.
Rear gasket insures that the lighthead and optional flange do not make contact with the vehicle?s surface.
Multiple Scan-Lock flash patterns.

Product information

  • Art. Nr LS1044-02
  • Depth 30 mm
  • Length 103 mm
  • Width 63 mm
  • Lens Klar
  • Supplier Item Number M2AC24
  • Voltage 24V

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