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LED Light Bar - Yellow

LED light bars with yellow warning lights are commonly referred to as light bars, roof bars, light planks, roof beams, and roof planks. However, the most important aspect is the quality of the light and the product itself. Warning lights should be visible from a long distance. Cheap "knockoff" lights often lose brightness quickly. Ferno Norden offers Whelen and Redtronic products, which maintain intensity even after prolonged use. The light bar is perhaps the most crucial warning light for those working in traffic and prioritizing safety. Our light bars are suitable for vans, cars, emergency vehicles, trucks, and tractors. Our LED light bars come in various widths, and we also have mini light bars, also known as microbars. Most light bars can be programmed with the flashing pattern of your choice. If you are purchasing multiple units, please contact us for a quote on light bars.

Whelen offers a range of light bars, including Justice, Edge, Freedom, Liberty, and Legacy, to name a few. Our light bars are tested and approved according to SAE, ECE R65, and EMC R10 standards. With their impressive brightness and versatile lighting technology, Whelen light bars can easily be tailored to specific user needs and conditions. In summary, Whelen light bars are reliable, effective, and versatile for vehicles with high requirements for function and visibility.

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