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Whelen Edge® 9TX DUO WeCanX 48'', Blue/Amber, Fully populate

The new Whelen® 9X EDGE® WeCanX™ DUO light bar comes with a completely new design, developed for a tougher appearance and with a plethora of programming options. The bar comes standard with Whelen® WeCanX™ and is delivered with two colors as standard. This gives you the opportunity to program the bar with traffic warning lights, work lights, cruise lights, and more, not to mention Whelen® CenCom Core DVI©; a feature that provides dynamic variable light intensity, thereby reducing light noise around the vehicle when the warning light is on. This means that the light pattern around the car is dimmed while the effect is not reduced, ensuring the safety of both the driver and those around the vehicle. To achieve all programming options, the bar must be combined with a control system or control panel from Whelen®.


Whelen® 9X EDGE® WeCanX™ DUO comes with blue and yellow light, blue and white light, or yellow and white light, making it perfect for both emergency vehicles and commercial vehicles. The bar is available in two profiles; Whelen® 9SX EDGE® WeCanX™ DUO (low profile) and Whelen® 9TX EDGE® WeCanX™ DUO (high profile). Both bars are available in lengths from 63.5 cm – 149.9 cm.

In addition, the bar is supplied from 12-24V, allowing it to be used on both passenger cars and heavier vehicles. With long lifespan and high quality, this is a premium light bar at a favorable price.

Product information

  • Art. Nr LS5080-10
  • Length 63,5–149,9 cm
  • Voltage 12-24V

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