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Whelen CenCom Core® is the most flexible control system on the market, with incredible configuration options and impressive speed. With a variety of expansion options, CenCom Core® gives you total control over your entire fleet's warning lights. By using the car's Canbus signals, you can easily program warning and search lights to react to the driver's behaviour, for example by connecting the search light to the steering wheel or dimming the warning light when the driver's door is opened. With the SteadyLock® function, you can easily put the lights in a steady position with just a few button presses. If you want the very best in control systems for your vehicle, CenCom Core® is the obvious choice.


• Powered by WeCanX®

• Supports any combination of up to 99 WeCanX devices

• Integrates seamlessly with Whelen Command® software

• Remote firmware updates via USB-C

• Vehicle-to-vehicle synchronization

• Dynamic Variable Intensity™ light pattern

• A total of 17 inputs

• A total of 23 outputs

• 5 year warranty

Product information

  • Art. Nr LS4900-00
  • Brand Whelen
  • Supplier Item Number C399

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