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SEARBAG III – Rescue Stretcher

The Searbag III is designed to rescue and transport an injured patient in a harsh environment.

It allows a patient to be transported on a Ferno Scoop Stretcher, Ferno Spineboard or a Ferno Vacuum Mattress and moved using a winch and/or ropes in a difficult environment.

The Searbag III is made in a highly resistant fabric, impermeable to 2,000 cm3 of water with a triple coating to avoid wear and tear over time. Water and oil repellent, stain and mold resistant treatment of the fabric. Reinforced seams to ensure that the Searbag III functions correctly over time and is safe in critical situations.

The Searbag III has a semi-rigid Mylar cover with 3 windows: one in the front and two on the sides.

These allow the operator to monitor the patient and offer greater comfort during rescue operations. It gives the patient more space and visibility in the facial area, which can avoid creating claustrophobia and increases security during the rescue operation. The large Mylar windows' also allow the operator to monitor the patient's condition and allow the patient to interact with the outside world, reducing anxiety. Mylar is highly resistant to traction, moisture and most chemicals.

The underside of the Searbag III has been designed for optimal resistance to tearing and abrasion when dragged over any rough or uneven surface. It is therefore suitable for all emergency situations and environments. Searbag III has been tested according to EASA CS 29.865 a), amdt. III.

Searbag III has an internal length adjustment system. This system allows the bag to be adapted to the patient's immobilization device placed inside. It has two straps on both sides of the bag that can be easily adjusted by the operator. The 4 integrated straps can be easily adjusted to properly fix the patient: 2 straps over the torso as well as 1 leg strap and 1 foot strap

The integrated lifting rein has 10 arms (5 per side) and two central lifting rings. It has a shortening system with 4 integrated red loops. The system for shortening the lifting bridle ensures a correct and adequate distribution of the load on the arms of the lifting bridle.

The bag has two EARS anti-rotation sails, placed on both sides to ensure maximum compatibility with most means of transport with a rotating sail. The EARS anti-rotation sail controls rotations caused by the movement of the helicopter during rescue operations.

The 6 internal fastening straps allow the Scoop stretcher/Spineboard/Vacuum mattress to be further attached inside the bag. Each strap can be placed in 4 different positions thanks to 4 loops sewn onto the bag. The operator can therefore easily and quickly determine where the straps should be placed according to the position of the handles to securely fasten the stretcher in place. On the outside there are 6 red lifting handles with high visibility at the head, middle and foot areas.


• For advanced rescue efforts

• Anti rotation sail

• Patient window

• Tested according to EASA CS 29,865

Product information

  • Art. Nr F065SEAR
  • Certifications MDD
  • Color Yellow
  • Load Capacity 160 kg
  • Weight 5 kg
  • Length 2 m
  • Width 60 cm
  • Supplier Item Number SAERBAG III-Y

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