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Paraguard 4 Point Lifting Sling

Robust reinforced nylon four-point lifting belt for use with Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher.


This 4-point lifting belt made of robust reinforced nylon for use with the Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher, is designed to assist rescue personnel while lifting a stretcher and patient.

The belt is especially useful for high-rise building, mountain and helicopter rescues and comes with 4 robust yet lightweight carabiners for quick release but extra safety.

Constructed of flame-resistant materials, this Paraguard stretcher lifting device is impermeable to water, grease, oil and other petroleum products and highly resistant to corrosion and rot.

Paraguard The stretcher has been used since World War II and has been approved for use by many agencies including NATO 6530-99-446-9403.

For all helicopter, rope or wench rescues, this accessory is a must.

The Paraguard 4-point lifting belt is also commonly known as a lifting path or vertical lifting path.

Product information

  • Art. Nr FGB010773001
  • Supplier Item Number 010773001

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