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Litter Shield for rescue stretchers

Protect your patient from further trauma during the rescue operation. The shield provides protection against falling rocks and debris, inclement weather without compromising access and visibility of the patient's head. Cast in thick Lexan that provides impact resistance but with the clarity of glass.

Reliable and proven from years in the field, around the world.. A quick release pin allows the shield to be removed completely if needed.

The head shield requires a custom mount that must be ordered separately based on stretcher model.

CMC740012 Bracket for head shield for F071, 35mm

CMC740016 Bracket for head shield for Titan stretchers, 25mm

CMC740017 Bracket for head shield for Advantage stretchers, 22mm


• Protects the patient's head

• Strong and impact-resistant Lexan

Product information

  • Art. Nr CMC740000
  • Color Transparent
  • Weight 1,4 kg
  • Supplier Item Number 740000

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