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EARS - Antirotation sail

EARS is designed specifically to control rotations caused by the movement of the helicopter during rescue operations, the anti-rotation sail minimizes basket rotations from the helicopter.

EARS is made of high strength, low porosity polyamide to provide greater efficiency during use and is quick to deploy by pulling the integrated handle.

Ergonomic grip with integrated handle for easy handling during use.

Eight lashing straps for universal use - compatible with the entire Fernos range of rescue stretchers. EARS is stored in an integrated pocket and is quick to unfold.


• Universal design makes it compatible with most of our rescue stretchers.

• The handle is integrated for quick access.

• 8 fastening straps for anchoring in the rescue stretcher

Product information

  • Art. Nr F-EARS
  • Color Orange
  • Weight 0,2 kg
  • Height 1 cm
  • Length 49 cm
  • Width 43 cm
  • Supplier Item Number EARS

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