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O2 Lite, Oxygen bag, Thomas, Black

Thomas' oxygen bag has quickly become a popular oxygen bag. It is a compact oxygen bag designed for an oxygen tube together with other necessary equipment. The outer material of the bag can be easily wiped off and the bag can be carried either as a backpack or with a shoulder strap. With this bag you get a compact, durable, clear and flexible oxygen bag.

The bag is sold without content!


The lid section has been designed to open and remain

upright during use

Modular system on the inside with windows for a quick overview of content.

Can be stored either vertically or horizontally.

Handles on several sides for quick access regardless of storage position.

Backpack straps that can be hidden in a pocket.

Product information

  • Art. Nr TTFF1250
  • Color Black
  • Weight 2,6 Kg
  • Height 23 cm
  • Length 60 cm
  • Width 30 cm
  • Supplier Item Number TTFF 1250

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