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Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Comfort 250kg

Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Comfort 250kg is a practical rescue stretcher that takes up little space.

Liquid-repellent surface and comfortable handles all packed in a flexible bag.

To ensure that you can handle even the critical situations, the rescue blanket is designed in first-class, high-quality material that withstands tough stresses and at the same time is easy to keep clean. With a very compact storage and a weight of 900g, the Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Standard 250kg is light and flexible without compromising on quality and safety!

It can always be found out in the field, in the vehicle or in the medical kit.

Retmex® Rescue Stretcher Standard 250kg is an excellent product for rescue during PDV (Ongoing Deadly Violence) and for disaster storage.


• Suitable for emergencies, where evacuation is necessary

• Perfect for moving in terrain

• 5 + 5 comfort handles on the sides and 1 + 1 comfort handles at the head and foot ends.

• Pocket for the feet so that the victim does not slip out.

• Easy to carry as it takes up little space, packed in a bag.

• Perfect for crisis situations, events and festivals

• Can be washed at 60 degrees C

• 1 year warranty

• EN597-1 & EN597-2 on fire-retardant materials.

• Class 1 according to Regulation MDR 2017/745 / EU.

• EN-ISO 13485: 2016, EN-ISO 14971: 2019

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5006052
  • Certifications CE
  • Color Black/Yellow
  • Load Capacity 250 kg
  • Material 100% Polyester PU Coating
  • Weight 1,4 kg
  • Length 205 cm
  • Width 80 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 10PVC76590

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