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Paraguard Shoulder Harness

Shoulder harness for patient transport made especially for Paraguard Stretcher.


Shoulder harness for patient transport

Made specifically for the Paraguard Stretcher, this durable shoulder harness is designed to be worn over the rescuer's shoulders.

When the harness is on the rescue worker, it is then attached to the ends of the carrying handle of the paraguard stretcher.

This means that the victims' weight can be evenly distributed between two paramedics and spread the burden of discharge on the doctor on the shoulders, hips and legs.

This is a perfect accessory for all remote rescue or battlefield situations where help may require a long hike.

The shoulder strap also allows the doctor to use his hands freely in emergencies.

Paraguard Excel Stretcher has been used in one form or another since World War II to be recently developed from the popular Paraguard MKIII to provide a superior life raft.

Constructed of flame-resistant materials, high-quality aluminum and stainless steel, the Paraguard Stretcher is impermeable to water, grease, oil and other petroleum products and very resistant to corrosion and rot.

The Paraguard Stretcher is a workhorse that is suitable for all types of environments: from cramped places such as ships and oil platforms to remote places such as mountains and water rescues.

Product information

  • Art. Nr FGB10772801
  • Supplier Item Number 010772801

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