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Disposable Flexislide Standard 85x195 cm blue

Flexislide is a single-use patient-assisted movement aid ideal for all lateral patient movement. Flexislide facilitates work and reduces the risk of strain injuries to the back and shoulders of healthcare personnel.


Ideal for all lateral patient movement

Unique material design that allows it to slip easily over most surfaces

Can be used with slide board

The extra width makes it especially useful when moving to bed

Made of polypropylene

Does not contain latex or PVC

Holds weight up to 400 kg in both dry and wet conditions

Tested for flammability according to EN ISO12952-1: 2010 and for linting according to BS EN 13795: 2011 + A1: 2013

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5006201
  • Color Blue
  • Load Capacity 400 kg
  • Length 1950 mm
  • Width 850 mm
  • Supplier Item Number MW1029

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