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Stop Bleed KIT only bag

A very well-organized bag that is used as a MASCAL bag, among other things!

(Bag for mass injury accidents).

The material and the clarity of separate inner bags allow you to quickly organize and distribute materials in an emergency situation. The bag can of course also be used as a clear medical bag.


A very well organized bag!

Designed for emergency situations.

The bag has several pockets and six velcro-fastened inner bags for the best clarity.

The design is compact and you can easily stack several bags on top of each other.

Can be worn with a handle or with the included shoulder strap.

Rubber-reinforced plates to protect the bag when placed on the ground.

Red fabric with reflectors.

The bag is sold without dressing material

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5020205
  • Color Red
  • Weight 3 kg
  • Height 23 cm
  • Length 45 cm
  • Width 35 cm
  • Supplier Item Number EU-BA-LOT-1

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