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Dressing, self-adhesive foam dressing Fixo maxi 9 pce

Absorption and compression bandage in one bandage. Cohesive, ie adhesive in itself which makes it easy to work with when it does not need to be fixed with an aid. Tear away easy. Application: Used primarily in emergency care in emergency vehicles where the units will replace the "traditional" printing units. Fixo bandage increasingly used in the industry because it is very quick to apply and it fits well even in humid conditions. The minimum size "Fixo band aid" is great for wounds on the fingers and hands which can be easily applied to stop bleeding and protect the wound. The medium size is more suited to the arms and legs as it is powerful and can be applied to compression and also absorbs the blood/ fluid. The largest is a head unit that can be wrapped and secured in a very good way.


Usage: As bandaid or absorbent dressing for smaller bodyparts e.g. fingers, toes. This replaces the traditional ""pressure dressings. Material Composition: Polyurethane foam with adhesive.

Product information

  • Art. Nr VT21302-9
  • Height 2 mm
  • Length 60 cm
  • Width 20 cm
  • Package Size 9 pce

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