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Compress self-adhesive, 6 x 7 cm (3 x 4 cm) 100 pcs

Self-adhesive bandage of non-woven with absorbent, non-adhesive wound pad. Suitable for larger wounds where ordinary plaster is not enough. The flexible material means that the bandage shapes itself to the body even in folds and joints.


The dressing consists of non-woven material in combination with a non-adhesive wound pad coated with perforated PE film on the surface against the wound.

Latex-free adhesion.

Light absorption capacity.

Sterile packaged.

The package contains 100 pcs.

Product information

  • Art. Nr VT801011-100
  • Weight 2 g
  • Height 7 cm/4 cm
  • Length 6 cm/3 cm
  • Width 7 cm/4 cm
  • Package Size 100 pce

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