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V-VAC Handsug Startkit

V-VAC hand suction is a practical suction for prehospital use. Easy to use, hygienic with disposable container and a rough opening that allows the user to create a free airway during, for example, vomiting. Possibility to adjust the suction pressure with a simple latch and adapter and nipple to connect suction catheters.

V-VAC Start-Kit is a complete set including 2 disposable containers.


• Adjustment for suction with high and low pressure

• Effective: Maximum suction capacity exceeds 380 mmHg. Maximum air flow over 70 liters / minute

• A unique function that does not clog the tip (intake valve)

• Flexible catheter connection

• Reusable handle

• Vacuum range: 170 - 380 mmHg (23-51 kPa)

• Peak flow: 70 liters / minute

• Capacity: 425 ml container

• Does not contain latex

Product information

  • Art. Nr L985300
  • Certifications MDR
  • Weight 300 g
  • Height 6,4 cm
  • Length 34,3 cm
  • Width 12,2 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 985300

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