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Tempus LS stacked adaptor only, iN∫TRAXX

iNTRAXX Equipment Mounts for Tempus PRO and Tempus LS enable the devices to be secured and used on the iNTRAXX System either vertically on the vehicle wall, or on a bench / cabinet top.

F90180 Tempus LS Wall Mount

F90181 Tempus PRO Wall Mount

F90182 Tempus PRO Swivel Mount - Accepts PRO and LS individually or mounted back-to-back

F90183 Tempus Mount Stacker - Mounts to the Tempus PRO Swivel Mount, so the PRO and LS devices may be stacked above each other


Dimensions W x D x L: 400 x 150 x 100 mm

Weight: 0.63 kg

Crash Tested:10g, 22g, 26g

Tempus Smart Docks and devices not included

Product information

  • Art. Nr F90183
  • Supplier Item Number 048-0183

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