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Body bag Absorbent Standard Maroon

Absorbent standard body bag / funeral bag / body bag with an absorbent inside. Made of Polyethylene and equipped with strong handles with a load capacity of 180kg. Environmentally adapted, which means that the bag can be buried in its entirety and also used for incineration because the plastic is converted into water vapor. Shelf life for several years as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight.


• Absorbs 4-6 liters

• fully openable

• closure in one step

• resealable

• carrying handle

• minimizes the risk of infection

• light weight

• takes up little space

• environmentally friendly during incineration

• easy-to-open packaging with handles

• document pocket

• Package size 35x28x10cm

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5001001
  • Color Maroon
  • Load Capacity 180 kg
  • Material Polyetylen 100% thickness 200μ,, superabsorbent polymer, PP nonwoven hydrofil
  • Weight 1,4 kg
  • Length 215 cm
  • Width 95 cm

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