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Pannlampa Wave 520Lm Re-Charg

The Wave 520 is a powerful rechargeable headlamp with a built-in motion detector. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the headlamp on or off

The Wave 520 has two lenses, one for long-distance lighting and a flood beam for wide lighting or a combination of both beams at the same time.

The wave sensor is perfect for hands-free operation, especially if you're wearing gloves or have dirty hands - instead of fumbling for the power switch, just wave your hand in front of the sensor.


• Turn on or off by waving your hand

• 3 different light modes: Spot Beam | Flood Beam | Dual Beam

• Rechargeable battery 3.7V 1800mAh Li-ion battery

• 2.5 to 5 hours operating time

Product information

  • Weight 96 g
  • Size 65x40x47 mm
  • IP Class IP44
  • Lumen 520
  • Supplier Item Number NSHTLIGHTWAVE520

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