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EVACuation mattress for kids

EVACuation mattress for kids keeps your babies safe during an emergency situation!

As the head of a maternity or children’s department, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of all of the children. You work every day to ensure they are well cared for, but what do you do in an emergency? What if the worst happens, and a fire breaks out? How will you get all of the children to safety quickly?

In the case of an evacuation, you can only carry two kids at a time down the stairs and out to safety. Time is of the essence, and the more time you spend going back and forth, their safety could be in danger.

This evacuation tool was specially designed to handle the needs of people just like you. With this evacuation mattress, you can safely and quickly transport four children out of the building to safety.


Room for four children

Length of storage pocket 90 cm

Load capacity for each pocket 15 kg

Washable at 40 ° C

Fire-retardant material

Store easily accessible in a bag on the wall

Quick instruction on the product

Antibacterial treated with Sanitized® TH 27-24

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5006055
  • Brand Tetcon BV
  • Certifications CE, MDR
  • Color Black/Green
  • Load Capacity 80 kg
  • Material 100% polyester
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Height 3 cm
  • Length 196 cm
  • Width 66 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 5N8888SCKW

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