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Transcend™ Stair Chair with Traxx 250kg

Transcend ™ Traxx provides operators and patients with safe and secure transport down stairs. Transcend ™ Traxx can handle patient loads of up to 250 kg. Smooth and large 12x3 cm swivel wheels at the front and extra large 20x4 cm rear wheels with integrated shock-absorbing tires that you can easily navigate in tough terrain. The smooth wheels mean that a lot of rubbish does not get stuck and it is easier to keep clean. Transcend ™ Traxx takes up little space when folded and no parts protrude that can get stuck when inserting and removing (Dimensions folded: 912 x 507 x 200 mm). In the folded position, the chair is locked so that it can be handled easily without it unfolding itself.

Transcend ™ Traxx has a 5-position lifting handle that provides maximum control and best ergonomics for different length operators. A high ground clearance provides a smooth transport over carpets and uneven surfaces. The footrest is extended and has a better angle that increases the comfort of a seated patient with long legs. The seat is large and wide and has removable panels for easy cleaning. The retractable rear carrying handles have a unique angle to provide a better ergonomic position when handling and carrying the chair.


• Strength, safety and ergonomics without compromise!

• Large wheels for gentle assignments on uneven surfaces

• Dimensions folded only: 912 x 507 x 200 mm

• Can handle 250 kg load

• Improved comfort and legroom.

• Clip for drip / equipment built into the lifting handle

• EN 1865

• Class 1 according to Regulation MDR 2017/745 / EU.

Product information

  • Art. Nr F0731402
  • Certifications MDR
  • Load Capacity 250 kg
  • Weight 14,7 kg
  • Depth 76 /135 cm
  • Height 151,8 / 90,8 cm
  • Width 50,5 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 0731402

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