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Introducing Ferno Fast Big Wheels – the ultimate solution for effortless transportation of patients in any environment. Engineered with precision and designed for durability, these oversized wheels are the epitome of reliability and performance.

Crafted with high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology, Ferno Fast Big Wheels are built to tackle the toughest terrains with ease. Whether you're navigating rough terrain, uneven surfaces, or tight spaces, these wheels provide unmatched stability and maneuverability.

Featuring a streamlined design and a sturdy construction, Ferno Fast Big Wheels offer optimal weight distribution, reducing strain on the user and ensuring smooth, controlled movement. The large diameter of the wheels enhances speed and efficiency, allowing you to transport patients quickly and efficiently.

With their innovative design and robust build, Ferno Fast Big Wheels are perfect for a wide range of applications, including industrial settings, construction sites, warehouses, and more. Say goodbye to cumbersome transportation methods and experience the convenience and reliability of Ferno Fast Big Wheels.

Upgrade your equipment arsenal with Ferno Fast Big Wheels and revolutionize the way you move patients . Efficiency, durability, and performance – all rolled into one unstoppable package.


  • Accessories for FAST Chair
  • Suitable for off-road use
  • Can be quickly and easily attached

Product information

  • Art. Nr F05640
  • Load Capacity 250 kg
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Height 530 mm (wheel)
  • Width 50 mm (wheel)
  • Supplier Item Number 65-0407-001-P

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