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Carry chair, Ferno Fast Chair, detachable power

FAST is the most flexible series of stair chairs for simple and ergonomic patient handling. The FAST system is a new and flexible chair solution, baby seat and power chair with one motor.

With motorized caterpillar feet (PowerTraxx), you can easily transport patients up and down stairs.

If you end up in situations where the patient has to be carried, you can quickly and easily disconnect the caterpillar feet with a motor and you have a simpler and lighter carrying chair in place.

This can also be a gain when loading and unloading in vehicles.

The FAST chair has a strong construction and can be loaded with up to 227 kg. The chair is equipped with large flywheels at the front and fixed rear wheels, which makes it easy to maneuver in all environments. For best ergonomics, FAST can be adapted to the length of different operators. The hygienic seat in vinyl is raised behind the back, which makes it comfortable to sit on.

The chair is available in three different designs. In addition to this one with motorized, removable crawler feet (PowerTraxx), it is also available as a manual chair where you can choose between fixed and detachable crawler feet.

• Also available in versions with hard plastic back and seat. F05630A


Complete FAST chair with PowerTraxx comes with:

  • Soft headrest for increased comfort.
  • Hygienic seat in vinyl, easy to clean and can be replaced if necessary.
  • Two patient belts.
  • A belt for the feet.
  • Armrests for increased patient safety.
  • Ergonomic footrest.
  • Handle on the back.
  • Storage net under the seat.
  • The upper handle can be adjusted in four steps.
  • The telescopic handles on the front can be adjusted in five steps.
  • Motorized, removable crawler feet (PowerTraxx)
  • Milwaukee battery with charger.
  • Material: Aluminum / vinyl
  • Dimensions folded: 100cm x 51.6cm x 23cm.
  • Wheels: 12,5cm/15cm

The FAST chair can also be delivered with a crash-tested wall bracket as an accessory.

Product information

  • Art. Nr F05630
  • Certifications CE, EN1865
  • Load Capacity 227 kg
  • Material Aluminium/vinyl
  • Weight 25kg /11,2 kg
  • Height 100 cm (158cm)
  • Length 65,5 cm
  • Width 51,6 cm
  • IP Class IP55
  • Supplier Item Number 60-4130-001/H/F/A

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