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Ambulansbår FERNO F3 Monoblock

The Ferno F3 ambulance stretcher is a robust and practical stretcher designed for easy handling. Clear functions with simple handles mean that you quickly learn to handle the stretcher. The Ferno F3 can be adjusted to several different heights for easy loading and unloading. The large 200mm wheels get you forward even on uneven ground, all 4 wheels can be disengaged to more easily turn the stretcher 360 degrees in tight spaces. Two of the wheels can be locked in direction so that the stretcher can be rolled under control by one person. Ferno F3 can handle a load of 250 kg.

Shock position, knee position and an 8-step backrest make the stretcher adaptable based on needs. Sturdy side armrests that can be easily folded up or down and drip holders are features that are included.

The Ferno F3 ambulance stretcher comes complete with belts and a black mattress.

Option: F520090 Stretcher lock for FERNO F3


• Large 200mm wheels to easily navigate uneven ground.

• All 4 wheels can be disengaged for handling in tight spaces

• Several different positions for easy loading and unloading

• Easy to load in and out of the vehicle without lifting.

• 2 year warranty


• EN1789 & EN1865-1

• Class 1 MDR 2017/745 / EU.

Product information

  • Art. Nr F521031
  • Certifications Class 1 MDR 2017/745 / EU., EN1789 & EN1865-1
  • Load Capacity 250 kg
  • Weight 45 kg
  • Height 32-86 cm
  • Length 195 cm
  • Width 56 cm

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